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Our mission is to offer the best treatment to our patients. Results and safety are the most important points for us. Our center is equipped with the latest  treatment equipment.

Laser technology

The EX500 and FS200 lasers used for refractive surgery  are under maintenance contract and benefit from regular maintenance which ensures their impeccable operation.

For our laser treatments we are equipped with the Alcon Wavelight refractive suite. It consists of two latest-generation lasers that are among the fastest in the world.

Unlike other femtosecond and excimer lasers, which operate as independent units, the FS200 and EX500 are connected to diagnostic devices via a dedicated intranet: the Wave-net. The entire LASIK procedure can therefore be programmed and designed using a software application that is the same for both lasers.

Femtoseconde FS200

This laser allows the highly precise creation of a gossamer stromal cap in just 6 seconds. The use of the femtosecond laser has many advantages in terms of safety and precision compared with a microkeratome mechanical cut.

Excimer EX500

This laser carries out the refractive sculpture of the cornea to treat the visual defect. It is the only 500-Hz excimer laser on the market and can correct one diopter's worth of impairment in 1.4 seconds. Correcting a 5-diopter myopia takes only 7 seconds. The EX500 is equipped with an "eye tracking" system that allows it to follow the micromovements of the eye during treatment. It can also compensate for cyclotorsion due to lying down. The EX500 excimer replaced its predecessor Allegretto in 2010.

Diagnostic devices

Our center is equipped with the latest diagnostic devices allowing us to evaluate the eyes of our patients and confirm their eligibility for laser surgery in the absence of contraindications.

All our diagnostic devices used for refractive surgery  are under maintenance contract and benefit from regular maintenance which ensures their impeccable operation.

WaveLight Topolyzer Vario

Diagnostic device that makes an HD topographic map of the anterior face of the cornea based on 22,000 measurement points. The "Contoura Vison" personalized laser treatment is based on the acquired data. This device also performs pupillometry and iris recognition.

WaveLight Oculyzer Vario

Diagnostic device that simultaneously acquires data relating to the anterior and posterior faces of the cornea and then makes it possible to produce a comprehensive thickness map called the tomographic map. It is indispensable in the early detection of subclinical forms of keratoconus.

Cirrus HD-OCT 500 de Zeiss

Diagnostic device that makes an accurate three-dimensional map of the stromal and epithelial layers of the cornea. It makes it possible to study the characteristics of the epithelium which can present early changes that are undetectable to tomography in case of early keratoconus.

This device also analyzes the macula and the optic nerve.

Biomètre Argos

Dignostic device that provides biometrics of the whole eye as well as accurate measurement of keratometry, astigmatism and axis. It has multiple IOL formulas to improve refractive results.

Abérrométrie Wavefront Nidek OPD scan III

Diagnostic device that measures the path of light rays through the optical system of the eye, from the cornea to the retina. This makes it possible to orient the choice of a treatment profile according to the different optical zones of the eye, as well as to detect irregularities in the lens that could influence the surgeon's decisions.