The Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris in Luxembourg

The Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris was founded in 2016 by three ophthalmologists who trained in the largest hospitals in Europe.
They carefully set up a large ground floor just off Place de Paris in the city centre and installed everything a high-tech centre needs to provide their patients with the highest quality treatment.
Although the Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris offers comprehensive ophthalmological care, it focuses mainly on surgical treatment, i.e. laser vision correction, presbyopia surgery, cataract surgery, eyelid surgery and intravitreal injections.
To this end, the Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris now has two operating theatres equipped with the latest technical and hygienic innovations.
It is the first and only place in Luxembourg that can offer you cataract and presbyopia surgery on an outpatient basis, without you having to go to hospital.
It is also the first and only centre in Luxembourg to offer the use of a Femto-Laser LensX® to assist with these lens operations. The procedure can therefore be performed completely blade-free, very precisely and safely.
The surgeons at the Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris perform around 4000 operations a year, making them one of the so-called high-volume surgeons, to guarantee you the highest level of safety.

Our eye surgeons in Luxembourg

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We take care of all eye diseases,
from initial diagnosis to regular follow-up.

A modern medical center

Ophthalmological consultation and treatment center located a stone’s throw from Place de Paris, in Luxembourg:
34, avenue de la Liberte, L-1930 Luxembourg.

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