Chirurgie réfractive au laser
Chirurgie des yeux
Esthétique du regard

Centre Opthalmologique Place de Paris is the fruit of a collaborative effort between three doctors who love their profession. They first met as students, and are now making a dream come true: to create a clinic offering a wide range of eye care treatments. Their combination of specialties, centers of interest, and experiences provides patients of every age with complete vision care.

The clinic is equipped with the same modern diagnostic and treatment equipment found in hospitals.

To meet the increasing demand for refractive surgery around the world, and its success, we decided to equip our ophthalmological centre with an operating room fitted with state-of-the-art lasers and diagnostic equipment.

Because we are doctors and not salesmen, we are careful to suggest this surgery only to patients who are already fully convinced they want it. We provide honest information about their options. We also offer an overall eye-health follow-up before and after this type of procedure.