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Contoura® Vision: Topo-Guided treatment for personalized vision correction

Contoura® Vision is the latest and most advanced technology for customizing laser treatments in refractive surgery. The Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris is proud to be the first and only center in Luxembourg to offer you this cutting-edge technology.

In wavefront-guided LASIK, the only personalized treatment available prior to Contoura® Vision, measurements are taken at 200 points across the eye to map out the operation.

Contoura® Vision analyzes the elevation of the cornea at 22,000 points, which generates a very precise topographical map showing the microscopic peaks and valleys of the corneal surface. This information is then used to generate a custom ablation profile to remove these peaks and valleys.

Unlike standard procedures, Contoura® Vision can not only correct your vision with respect to your eyeglass prescription, but also smooth out your cornea through this detailed analysis of its fingerprint-like topography. These tiny irregularities can bend the light beams entering the eye, thus interfering with optimal vision.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) studies show that this personalized treatment gives the best results ever achieved. 93% of the patients in these studies end up attaining a visual acuity of 20/20 or better.