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Palpebral entropion is when the edge of the eyelid folds inward against the eyeball. The lower lashes rub and irritate the conjunctiva and/or cornea.

It usually affects the lower lid, but may also occur on the upper eyelid.

Entropion is classified according to its cause. It may be congenital, or due to scarring, spasm, involution, or aging.


Chronic ocular irritation, which is painful and may cause tearing, results when the eyelashes rub the conjunctiva and/or cornea. Moreover, the constant friction of the lashes on the cornea may cause serious problems like erosions or ulcers.


This outpatient surgical procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, and consists of repositioning the outer edge of the eyelid against the eyeball.

In the days immediately following the procedure, there may be some swelling and bruising, but they usually disappear after one week.